Talking About Vango


On the outside, VanGo is a colorfully decorated Honda Element. Inside, it is a mobile art studio complete with supplies and an art instructor ready to help students and their families experience the benefits of high quality arts education. To date, VanGo has traveled to 30 sites in four counties, reaching over 2,250 underserved kids.

VanGo also provides arts programming to at-risk youth, which supports treatment and education and introduces the joys and benefits of self-expression through art. And, VanGo helps non-profit service agencies and community organizations throughout Central Oregon strengthen their programs to build a stronger support system for children through art.

VanGo Curriculum

VanGo serves many audiences and has unique learning goals. In our rural communities, instructors often teach at a site weekly through after school programs. Students experience the arts to master basic skills and to enrich their development. Weekly sessions offer comprehensive art instruction while students explore a variety of mediums.

VanGo also delivers art classes to youth and adult communities through assisted living residences, youth residential programs, team building activities and at community events or festivals. From after school programs to community workshops, we are happy to tailor a program that meets your interests, time frame and budget. Please contact us and we’ll help you customize your VanGo experience!

Request VanGo

Call the Art Station to request a VanGo or find out more information.

After we talk with you to determine the scope of your art experience, number of people and desired medium, Art Station staff will plan your VanGo visit with an instructor.


The cost of bringing VanGo to your facility depends on where you are, but here are some general guidelines:

  • We offer a minimum of a two-hour class session.
  • Each class can be provided over one day, clustered days within a week, or spread out over consecutive weeks.
  • The cost for the first hour is $130, and each subsequent hour is $65. Supplies vary depending on the medium used and length of project.

If you think you can’t afford VanGo, please contact us. Let’s plan for the future together by applying for grants and brainstorming potential community resources!

VanGo goals

  • To bring arts education to children in small, rural communities that have limited or non-existent arts programming. These students will receive sustained, professional level instruction.
  • To bring arts education to “youth-at-risk,” who are incarcerated or in other youth facilities.
  • To strengthen partnerships within the regional community for the purpose of building access to the arts and supporting under-served children and youth.

Bring VanGo to your gathering!

VanGo can travel to your next party, corporate gathering, or school event. Contact us for details.

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