The Art Station is Central Oregon’s only non-profit visual arts school, reaching students of all ages, skill levels and economic means every year, in a place where there are no wrong answers. With a wide variety of adult, child and family offerings ranging from one-day classes to ongoing Art Academies to birthday parties, there are many ways for students to access the excitement of expressing themselves through the artistic process.
At the Art Station, students explore their creative sides with age-appropriate art instruction in year-round classes and workshops. Sculpture, collage, fashion design, glass, paint or pencil…many media, many schedules and many different projects mean a good fit for nearly any age, skill level and interest. Small class sizes allow for personalized instruction from the Art Station’s talented instructors, so students can enjoy a positive and supportive environment.

Since winter weather is here, be sure to check Art Station’s Facebook page for daily information about weather updates and closures.

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Youth classes at the Art Station introduce students to the principles of art and design- the building blocks used to create a work of art. Our class format promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as pro-social behavior.



Art Academy for Children:

Art Academy for Children is an innovative course for children who love art and show a deep interest in exploring the creative process. The Academy offers sequential art classes designed to deepen a child’s appreciation of art, develop creative and critical thinking, strengthen art-making skills and cultivate personal expression. Every term theme is modern art.



Our instructors are professionally trained educators and practicing artists who are vetted by Arts Central. Youth instructors teach using the whole child approach, which ensures that each student is engaged, supported and challenged. Many of our instructors are professional artists with exhibition careers.